Ever heard of a product called *Duracane?

Bamfaux that is ready for storage or shipping

Bamfaux that is ready for storage or shipping

A company in Fort Lauderdale trademarked this name and manufactured this item for many years. When they stopped making it somewhere around 2007, we started in August of that same year.

Our product is exactly the same! How can I say that? The Factory Manager, who used to make it for this company, is now the Owner of the new company, namely JoeJude Enterprises in Interlachen, Florida.

Maybe you will remember the Factory Manager of the old company. His name is Joe Meintjes. He spoke to many customers and clients and liaised with many companies to keep them happy, and keep the products delivered on time.

We changed the name of the product to Bamfaux (Faux Bamboo backwards), because the original name is not ours to use. Our Faux Bamboo is exactly the same. And, it must be – because this old company bought from us for over 5 years and sold it to their customers. There were no complaints or returns, so we must be doing something right. Many of the customers from this old company do not even know that it is now being manufactured by a different company – JoeJude Enterprises.

The product I am talking about is Imitation Bamboo or Synthetic Bamboo. It replaces Bamboo where the live stalks will either wilt, rot, change color, or cost too much in maintenance fees. Some even call it Plastic Bamboo. It outlasts other similar products and is identical in look and feel to the natural stalks you might buy at a vendor.

Plus, Bamfaux or Imitation Bamboo retains its color and shape outside in the sun, rain and humidity, just like the old product used to do. There is no difference, except the supplier / manufacturer is JoeJude Enterprises.

Our website, with all our contact information, is http://www.imitationbamboo.net/.

Our blog about Bamfaux is at http://www.imitationbamboo.com/.

Some of the other products we manufacture at JoeJude Enterprises, besides Imitation Bamboo or Synthetic Bamboo, are modular Bars with either a Thatch or Tiki Roof – your choice.



*This trademark is not ours and the company is not affiliated to us.

What is Bamfaux?

Bamfaux is Imitation Bamboo.

We use PVC as our base, then color it to mimic Bamboo. It has nodes, striations (lines) and the correct coloring to seem real. The only difference is that our Bamfaux (Imitation Bamboo) lasts. It loves the sun and rain and wind.

Various diameters start at 1/2″ and go upwards, 3/4″, 1″, 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″ … 12″ …etc. Pipes are 20′ long (approx.), plus, we will gladly cut them to the length of your choice.

The usual colors are “original” or “green” as per our webpage at http://www.imitationbamboo.net/. We will also color the Bamfaux to any exotic color you like. All other colors, even solid colors, are available.

If you like we can send you a small sample. Then you can see the workmanship, and care taken, to keep our Bamfaux authentic.

Written by Judeline Meintjes