Where is Bamfaux?

Bamfaux is enjoyed all over the world.

One of our applications is a roof for the Sushi Samba Restaurant in London, England. They devised a whole new roof and created a most wonderful ambiance and atmosphere with our Bamfaux and hanging lights.

This was to impress the visitors for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Our staff worked right through the weekends taking only the minimum time to recuperate, to ensure this was both perfect and on time. We think it is perfect and have had no complaints from either the builder or the Restaurant owner.

We are sure the restaurant owner is both proud and happy with the result.

For more pictures visit this page … Click Here … on our website.

Also on our site is a page showing some of the places where our Bamfaux has been used … Click Here … for more ideas.

Below is an enlarged area so that you can see the actual Bamfaux pipes. Sorry the quality is not picture perfect.



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